Made for the bold, DLOB was founded and created by Mari Quintero. A Colombiana who’s love for traveling and experiencing new countries inspired her to create pieces influenced by the beauty and boldness of it all.


Growing up Mari spent her Summers traveling abroad with her family. Ironically enough her favorite destination was within her home country; the beautiful city on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena, Colombia. Made up of blue waters, white sand beaches, latin food, and salsa music the memories bring nothing but feelings of excitement and wanderlust. During these trips Mari came back each time with a new statement piece of jewelry, whether it was a gemstone necklace or a bold beaded bracelet. Soon enough, she decided to start playing with her own designs, creating accessories out of her own home. It wasn’t until close friends and family began asking her for these pieces that she realized she could turn this into something more than just a hobby.


Come 2017, Mari decided to officially combine her two true loves, traveling and accessorizing, therefore creating the brand we all know and love. Influenced by the beauty of the world and desire to experience it all, DLOB was created for the bold. Made from a hand-strung, beading technique, our products are delicate, statement pieces made to be worn everyday.


Travel the world, wear the world. DLOB, for the bold.



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